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Colleagues choose online charity themselves
100+ national and international charities
Sustainable gift card and packing
Direct printing, email or free by post
Ideal as sustainable choice Christmas gift
Support your favorite charity
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Free delivery to your home

The charity gift card in deluxe packaging (€1.95 p.st). Order before 15.00 is shipped the same working day. FREE gift card delivered to your home!


Digital coupon

Send as a digital gift voucher on the desired date to the recipient! Add a FREE personalised text.


Print your coupon directly

Need the charity gift card fast? Order by email and print the gift card with FREE printable envelope for immediate giving.

Support the cause you care about

The National Charity Gift Card is a charity gift card of your choice. Give a Charity Gift Card as a business gift charity or as a Christmas gift charity to colleagues. This way, you let each colleague choose a charity he or she considers important.

Give a gift of feeling good. After all, people increasingly appreciate it when we work for an organisation or company that contributes to a better world. With a Charity Gift Card, you give a nice gift that fits in perfectly with corporate social responsibility. In short, giving a donation as a gift is, especially this year, a very nice gesture!

Charity gift card home delivered digital gift card

With a National Charity Voucher, you choose your favourite charity online yourself. There are more than 100 national and international charities to choose from. You decide whether you want to support a large or a small charity. It is a symbolic gift to charity which is delivered by post or e-mail. You will receive the charity gift voucher in your mailbox within 3 minutes.

All well-known international charities are affiliated, such as World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and Amnesty International. You can also choose from Dutch charities, such as Dierenbescherming, Natuurmonumenten or Voedselbanken. Moreover, you can donate to small foundations in the Netherlands with a nice mission, such as the Poverty Fund or Kanjer Wens Nederland. These beautiful, national initiatives could really use your contribution!

How do you decide which charity you would like to support? Charities are committed to different themes. Which values and which theme do you consider important? For example, this could be with a charity gift child, because after all, children are the future. Or contribute to the fight against poverty. We work together with Whydonate een onafhankelijk donatieplatform.

Did you know that many people in the Netherlands also live below the poverty line? In addition, you can choose different animal charities dedicated to animal welfare. Moreover, you can support nature and environmental causes to reduce waste and plastic consumption, for example. In short, do good for someone else and for our world!

In the picture: Plastic Soup Foundation

Plastic is a wonder material, but it is also a big polluter. Can we still clean up the huge, ever-increasing amount of plastic waste floating in the Pacific Ocean and stop accretion?

While even our own North Sea is increasingly turning into a plastic soup? The Plastic Soup Foundation does not want to promote feelings of helplessness, but to encourage positive awareness and action.

Plasticsoep  De grootste soep ter wereld!
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