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About us - Kadobon Online BV was founded in 2006 with the first digital gift voucher that can be ordered and redeemed online. Since then, the range of online shops has expanded, making gift vouchers even more fun to redeem! The range of different gift vouchers has also been further expanded with NationaleGroeneKadobon.nl, Baby-bon.nl, Magazine-bon.nl, NationaleTrouwbon.nl, Dieren-bon.nl, Parfum-bon.nl and Nationale-goededoelenbon.nl.

Corporate social responsibility With the Nationale-goededoelenbon.nl you give a donation of your choice with a choice of over 100! affiliated charities. The same applies to gift certificate-online. Our National Green Gift Certificate is only redeemable for sustainable products. In doing so, we contribute to our social responsibility.

Security is our top priority. We work with a trust account to which all iDEAL payments are deposited, thus guaranteeing coverage of all gift vouchers in circulation. Ordering and cashing is done entirely via an encrypted SSL connection. Moreover, we have the webshop quality mark.

In the news Peter Dubbeldam, owner of Kadobon Online BV talks about his company. In the other video, kadobon-online is featured in the RTL4 programme Enjoy Life.

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