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Refugee Foundation launches aid to Ukrainian refugees

The situation for the 44 million Ukrainians is very serious and constantly changing. In just one week, more than a million Ukrainians have fled their country. More than half have fled to Poland. The Refugee Foundation supports two regional emergency relief organisations providing assistance in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

We are working with the two partners to further rapidly scale up emergency assistance. The humanitarian situation is expected to deteriorate further soon and there is a great need for the most basic necessities of life.

Help and support in Ukraine
In total, the two regional relief organisations will receive €1,500,000, raised last week thanks to the nearly 50,000 donations we were privileged to receive on Giro999. This will provide assistance to many thousands of Ukrainians in need now and in the coming months. This is happening under difficult, changeable and unstable circumstances, but this is what we will do:

  • Humanitarian aid trucks transport emergency aid packages to the city of Lviv, in western Ukraine. The convoys carry mattresses, hygiene items sleeping bags and other items for targeted aid.
  • We also distribute food and water to refugees stranded in the border area.
  • We provide safe drinking water in the longer term and renovate damaged water facilities in Ukraine as soon as safety allows.
  • We expect an increasing demand for psychosocial help due to traumatic experiences. Therefore, we are scaling up our psychosocial help.


The Refugee Foundation also provides assistance to refugees worldwide who need food aid, shelter and medicine. They help people who are victims of natural disasters, conflicts or violence. Acute famine is currently looming in 23 countries. The Refugee Foundation strives to strengthen local emergency relief capacity.

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